About us

ABSORPOWER Service GmbH is a small-sized family-owned firm who has the aim of protecting your products and goods against moisture damages during their transport by sea, truck and train.

Our business represents 15 years of experience regarding the application of container absorbers and desiccant bags (mineral, Silica Gel and Molecular Sieve).

As an autonomous family-owned business it is our target to achieve a long- term and high added value for you, as an effective and reliable partner. This effort is driven by motivated and responsible staff and by the way we perceive our social and ecological responsibility.

All of our products have been tested on efficiency at the BVSF in Hamburg.
The adsorption capacity lies between 231 - 261 %.

We provide more safety!

All ABSORPOWER® products contain a mixture of calcium chloride and modified starch. In case the packaging gets damaged, no liquid can escape.